YellowBerry is a business that aims to instil the importance of natural and handmade products amongst the people of Pakistan. The aim is to eradicate the use of products that are produced chemically in the industries.

The business was birthed by two dynamic people with the view of making everything from natural ingredients and to educate others.

The products are handmade and all natural. The ingredients are handpicked, natural herbs and botanicals, with no artificial fragrances and preservatives, which have now proven to be dangerous. Also, everything is food grade, hence, edible.

The process is simple and quality assured by the owners of this thoughtful venture, as everything is under their control from Start to Finish.


Reading this will make you pretty excited and will provoke you to buy and use at least something from the entire range. The motto is, nothing can replace human touch. With much attention to the detail of products that are handcrafted and made with all the love, there is no alternative of handmade products.

Chemical Free

Yes, you heard that right. YellowBerry produces products that are free from the following:


2. Triclosans,

3. Phthalates,

4. SLS,

5. Petroleum Jelly,

6. Silicones and more.


Absolutely! YellowBerry uses ingredients derived from nature in all their products, from soaps to essential oils.

Vegetarian Certified

Ofcourse! YellowBerry is against Animal testing and ingredients obtained from animals. This also makes them partially Vegan Certified, with exclusion of a few products that contain Beeswax.

Recyclable Packaging

Did someone say ‘Go Green’?

The packaging is suitable for recycling, hence, saves the earth from all the filth. The paper bags, glass bottles and aluminium jars, everything is recyclable.

Bundle Deals

Bundle deals at YellowBerry are exciting and made to suit your condition. Deals like facial serum duo, oily skin bundle, special gift boxes, dry skin bundles are packed in such a manner that can target your concern the way you want.

For a person with dry skin concerns, it is best to just pick and purchase the dry skin bundle rather than getting deviated and not buying the right thing.


In their hair care range, they have different hair care oils, along with shampoos and conditioners. Many varieties of hair oils, such as, argan oil, almond oil and more are available.


Before I say anything about their facial care products and serums, please allow me to rave about how effective their day time facial serum is. It works wonders in a very less time. Also, their grapeseed and lavender makeup remover has won hearts. How natural, organic and thoughtful!

Essential Oils

YellowBerry has come up with many essential oils which are just right for any thing that you need.

Retail Partners

YellowBerry is not retailing on its own. Instead, they are stocking at different stores across Pakistan.

A few locations are:

Islamabad :

Kayal, Beverly Centre, Islamabad

The Edit, Blue Area, Islamabad

Karachi :

N’eco’s Natural Store & Cafe, DHA Phase 6, Karachi
N’eco’s, Dolmen Mall, Karachi

N’eco’s, Ocean Point, Karachi

PHARMACIE PLUS, DHA Phase 6, Karachi

Lahore :





Javeria Fahad (16-12-19)