Ye Dil Mera, a depiction of a man and woman with different personalities, a man and woman with a past that has affected their lives and tends to do so even now.
Hum Television’s drama Ye Dil Mera consists of Ahad Raza Mir (Amanullah), Sajal Ali (Noor ul Ain), Adnan Siddiqui (Mir Farooq) and more. The genre of the drama is thriller and romance.
The drama was first aired on 30 October 2019 and it is aired every Wednesday at 08:00 pm.
Writer : Farhat Ishtiaq 
Director : Aehsun Talish
Producer : Momina Duraid


The story begins with Mir Farooq who seems to be the murderer of Amanullah’s parents and younger sister. Amanullah was only 11 years of age when this atrociously heartbreaking incident took place. After this horrendous incident took place, Amanullah was quietly sent to The United Kingdom to be looked after his step uncle. His step uncle turned out to be extremely physically and mentally abusive.

After such a painful experience with his uncle, Amanullah left for Pakistan and worked day and night to make himself with his uncle’s leftover money and wealth for what he is now.

Amanullah has worked day and night to prepare for revenge with Mir Farooq. Amanullah investigates and gathers massive information about Mir Farooq and his marriages and takes his current wife under confidence. The world does not know about Mir Farooq’s marriage as he has not openly declared it. Amanullah also plans to marry Mir Farooq’s daughter with a new identity.

On the other hand, Mir Farooq has also murdered his first wife (Noor ul Ain’s mother) who was trying to run away with her infant daughter. Mir gave this incident a new face and told the world that his wife passed away in a car accident. But, sins don’t fade away so easily and Noor ul Ain has been dreaming of that incident ever since then.

Mir Farooq pretends to act as an innocent yet loving father who has never married after Noor’s mother had passed away.

While all this was happening, Amanullah never knew he would fall in love with Noor and starts to get second thoughts about taking revenge with Mir by using her.


  • Adnan Siddiqui
  • Ahad Raza Mir
  • Sajal Ali
  • Zarnish Khan
  • Mira Sethi
  • Farhan Ali Agha
  • Paras Masroor Badvi
  • Rabia Butt
  • Natasha Hussain
  • Adnan Tariq Qureshi
  • Hassan Fareed Khan
  • Maryam Mirza
  • Naima Khan
  • Shehnaz Aftab
  • Zoha Khawaja
  • Ejaz Ahmed Niazi
  • Moosa as the child
  • Hamza Israr
  • Mansoor Mushtaq and others

The drama is becoming interesting day by day and has got us captivated. Keep watching.

Lastly, let’s not forget how melodious the OST is. You would want to dance over it. The song is sung and composed by none other than Shiraz Upal.

Javeria Fahad (29-01-20)