WHAT A PARATHA is a paratha restaurant chain located in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Faislabad.

The business took birth in 2016 in Lahore with the aim of providing high quality food. The motto is freshness and wholesomeness with taste and flavours.

The flavours and variety on the menu is beyond imagination, considering their speciality is Paratha. Imagine stuffing yourself up with goodness filled parathas and that too involving minimum costs. Not only do the parathas make you want to crave, the chai is one of the best in Lahore city, from where What’a paratha emerged.

What a paratha is an exciting experience for desi fusion food lovers. We are a society that is hands down desi Chinese, desi italian, desi thai and desi continental, hence a fusion pizza paratha, beef cheese steak or a nutella paratha is well suited. Their hara masala paratha is the best and most wise decision for all times.


Winter is in full swing and that calls for winter treats. They are offering Saag and Makai Roti Deal for only PKR 375 followed by another interesting deal which is pizza paratha, BBQ paratha, Nutella paratha with 500ml soft drink for PKR 599. That’s a win win for both parties.



To explore  your flavours and pick the right one for yourself, click on the link below or order over the phone.



What’a paratha offers 24/7 home delivery to its customers, which means, you can place your orders at any time of the day and calm your hunger pangs.


Service with a warm attitude is experienced at What’a paratha, where customers are treated with hospitality and care. If you visit any of their locations, you would have a great experience.

Hoping you would enjoy a fusion paratha as much as I do.

Javeria Fahad (13-12-19)