Churails? Has this been pinching you? Are you feeling curious about what the concept behind this would be? Don’t worry. I somewhat had the same questions popping inside my mind before I conducted my research and watched the trailer.

Churails is Asim Abassi second Web series. This is for matters like a cheating husband. For matters like these, contact The Churails. That is what this webseries revolves around. These Churails are saviours for those who are mistreated, deceited, cheated, abused and ridiculed by their husbands. Also, this brings into account matters like rape, sexual harassment and child abuse.

These Churails are none other than power packed, energetic and motivated ladies namely, Sarwat Gilani, Nimra Bucha, Mehar Bano, and Yasra Rizvi.

The trailer of Churails is all about the heroines we must be and have around us. Churails is a series of four women who come from various facets of life. Of these women are lawyer, wedding planner, boxer and an ex-convict. These women appear to be self-proclaimed “Churails” (read witches).

It is a much anticipated we series and the idea behind it is going to provide an opportunity to gain heaps of audience with differing opinions. To curb the patriarchal society that condemns the rights of women, this Web series seems to be more of an opportunity for guidance and direction.

The show is scheduled to air as a 10 episode series, each 55 minutes long. This could be streamed 11 August onwards and all episodes would be available all together. These episodes can be streamed on Zee5 Global, which is an Indian platform. It will be played on Zee5 Global’s Zindagi World Cinema strand.

The posters have been released by Zee5 and Zindagi. Keep waiting for this spectacularly happening and mind awakening webseries by Asim Abassi, who is yet to mark another great idea plot after his film “Cake”.

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Javeria Fahad