Waliya Najib is a photographer based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Being a freelancer for her means free, having your own runway to do what you want to and work as hard you want to – to be your own Boss!

To be in control of the path that you want to take and the kind of work you want to make. The choice is a little bit less in the beginning to meet the kind of people you want to work, you take what you can get but I think the biggest thing for her is the freedom to do the work.

She started her career as a photographer it was a slow process, she didn’t know at that time, but all of the work that she was doing in those years in Islamabad was actually fueling her freelance career that she wasn’t even sure she was going to have yet that is everything from building a network of people that you know and you love, and you have done nice things for shown interest in people without asking for anything in return.

From her experiences, she learned immeasurable amounts of skills like learning just soaking in everything you can around you, whether that’s how to a business or how to work with people or how to communicate. All of these skills that you can take with you and become a freelancer all of those things took years to develop.

Waliya already had an Instagram account from where she can look at other people’s work and share her work on her Facebook page. She posts her work on facebook as soon as she makes it like she shoots hundreds of photos every weekend, spending day and night editing.

What sticks at the beginning who’s to be a photographer, especially female photographer in our society to be a freelancer – you have to run your own business and some people don’t realize where you will reference your business and they are like ” Oh you’re a photographer”. For her photography is not just click buttons for her its an art of expressing and capturing moments.

To be your own boss like there’s invoicing, there’s estimated, there’s actual finance there is all the stuff that’s just the money side when you have a business you have to go out and get clients, you have to be smooth, you have to negotiate on phone, you have to be comfortable pricing yourself.

Being a freelancer is a risk tolerance it is a risky thing, your money is not guaranteed, you can be just making it one year and then the next year the industry is in the pit and you’re not getting work and it doesn’t and it doesn’t have to do with how good or bad you are. The market just fluctuates and it’s just like a roller coaster.

Waliya feels very natural to be like wandering on her own, figuring stuff out. To be successful, she’s comfortable with the unknown. There are many people who are like “Oh photography Sucks! there’s no money in that etc” So for her being a professional photographer there are many challenges which I or you cannot figure out but one thing we can do is to support her work, creativity, and efforts.

Social media Celebrity with 180K  Facebook, 217K Followers on Instagram and 9.5K Subscribers on YouTube. 

Its just depends on how hard you are willing to work. Waliya is not only a photographer but a kind soul as well – her pet ‘Muffin’ is also an emerging star.

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