Tuhura is one of the best online awesome activewear brands in Pakistan. They offer some bombshells top leggings but so does everyone else but of course, you can’t beat fashion notice with some affordable and leisure wear. So, today we are going to tell you about some of the products of Tuhura brand and how they feel and how good or bad they are.

Let’s start with these pretty outfits.

Four-way stretched Pair

Stirrup Pants: Rs. 2000
Tanktop: Rs. 1300

This has been my favorite item, the minute I hit the website I ordered it immediately because I have a very odd obsession with the camera and I found it very elegant.

So, this is one of the most decent gyms wears with a perfect color combination and amazing quality. You can also wear a top with back leggings or a leather jacket over it to give it a Casual Style.

The definition of an athleisure, they also have leggings as well. If you get your hands on this Please do!



Nautica tights: Rs. 2300.

Tri-color tank: Rs. 1300.

These new pair of top and leggings are one of my favorites These are the  Nautica full-length leggings have them in black with red in contrast.

They have this super cute mash detailing on the bottom and have this heart-shaped stitching on the bottom.

These leggings and tops have been floating around the internet. These give that same shape without being gimmicky and absolutely awful.

They are mid-race I feel like they are kind of hit like more of high-rise leggings. Polyester Elastin blend they are the perfect combination of nice stuff, very flexible and breathable. Definitely squat proof and as far as sweat proof.







Ombre compression Tights & Double-trouble Sports Bra


Rs. 2300

Sports bra: Rs. 1700

This sports bra goes with any of gray or black. Mostly gray leggings are going to show sweat unless it’s like a space dye color but these ones are actually doing pretty good when you hit the cardio session or in the gym, definitely, there was some sweat showing but it wasn’t anything crazy.

Leggings are made from the same material as the leggings but sports bra is much stretchier than the leggings.

These are high-rise leggings, a very good pair for doing squats, these are very nice and light and really doesn’t shrink obviously this top is like athletic quality super soft and high-fashioned.



White compression sports bra

Price: Rs. 1600

This is the white high sports bra, it also comes in other combinations of colors. It almost feels like a casual chick style bra. It doesn’t suffocate you. It has the elastic band on the bottom With nice colorful stripped designs and little details at the back make it look awful.

It does have built-in pads and then it has a cute mesh across the back. So, if you are into this kind of sports bra, this is a really nice one.





yoga pants

Price: Rs. 1900

These comfort flow yoga pants are one of my new favorite pair of pants. It has an elastic band on the inside that helps keep them up in place and it is also foldable. They are so sleek looking, if you have not given yoga pants a try maybe now is the time with the new fit pants are pretty dang 90% squat proof. The best part is you

can match it with any other sports bra or tank tops.

These pants are really comfortable with so good material, I love the color, the texture. If you are comfortable with a moderate, not compression then these pants are the best suit for you.

These pants are sweat proof, which I know everyone loves them and they are also very popular and a very supportive pair.








Sizes: S to XXL


  • Tops
  • Yoga pants
  • Leggings
  • Sports Bra
  • Tracksuit Set
  • High-waist Tights
  • Tank Tops

Gender: Women

Delivery: Nationwide

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