The TT’s Kitchen is an initiative by an entrepreneur – Tehreem. What cake shop is all about? Where she has come from the struggle, she has had and where she’s headed. In the beginning, it’s like a solo piano, some of the challenges you face nobody knows – and after working day and night your phone started ringing!

Tehreen sells homemade modern cakes, cookies, and pastries. She runs her business from home, and her cakes are made to order. TT’s Kitchen serves cakes for every occasion. She not only started a business but mixed all the small joys of life into the ingredients and presented stuff that celebrates life occasions and makes the events more memorable with full of taste.

Women who want to turn their hobby into a business, they should know their goal just like Tehreem. For her, its nice little thing, but for us, she has taken it to next level and turned her hobby into a dream.

When people enjoy the product and keep coming for more orders, i think that’s almost your greatest success!

Location: Islamabad

Advance Booking: 7 Days Before.

Cake Categories

  • Ice Cream Cone Cake
  • Cookies Decor
  • Celebration Cakes
  • Graduation Cakes
  • Engagement Cakes
  • Umrah Theme
  • Dholki Event Cake
  • Chocolate Overdose Cake
  • Birthday’s Cake
  • Bridal Shower Cakes
  • Special Occasion Cakes



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