Son of Pakistan’s famous filmmaker and producer, Wajahat Rauf and Shazia Wajahat respectively, Aashir Wajahat has very much been in the limelight since the past few years and has not been missing in action at all. He has continuously mesmerised the audience with his appearances like Challawa, Karachi say Lahore and many others.

Karachi say Lahore was released in 2015 which was his debut movie, where he was an 8th grade student.

Aashir Wajahat has taken part in many television plays, films and advertisements like Dollar Pencil, Telenor, Dalda and Blueband, along with three major films that he has been casted in. It is not surprising for the audience to conclude how he has managed to come out and play in significant movies, television shows and commercials. Yes, it is indeed the name of his father and mother. At many instances, they have also been the directors and producers themselves, which has clearly given Aashir to acquire great opportunities.

Aashir has heaps of serials to his credit like ‘Kya Life Hai’, ‘Ek aur Ek Dhai’, ‘Soteli’ and more. Soteli has been a very famous serial produced by Wajahat Rauf himself.

However, it is not only the name of opportunity you get through a reference, Aashir has also proven himself and his talent by singing some really nice parts in songs and lately coming with his own songs like Toota Taara. Not only this, he has also initiated a thread of Toota Taara Tik Tok Challenge which has successfully kept many people busy in the coronavirus quarantine situation.

Toota Taara however, has been a great release. A 2:46 minutes long song that was premiered on 9 June 2020 has managed to get 182,567 views up to date and is quite addictive. I actually feel like humming to the melody. Toota Taara by Aashir Wajahat features Faryal Mehmood who is a great artist herself and needs no introduction.


Produced by: Sinnan Fazwani

Composed by: Aashir Wajahat, Sinnan Fizwani, Nayel Wajahat

Lyrics by: Hassan Effendi

Directed by: Wajahat Rauf

Edited by: Zaid Mirza & Hasan Ali Khan

Animation by: Kaleemix

Toota Taara has got me hooked, give it a listen by clicking on the following link:

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Javeria Fahad