The Rice Bowl is a Thai and Chinese Restaurant with various locations in Lahore city. These are Packages Mall, Mall 1, Gulberg and more. However, it is not a 100% authentic Thai and Chinese space as it has that tad bit Pakistani taste influenced by the Pakistani palates.
There are quite differing reviews of visitors of this restaurant. The menu of The Rice Bowl is very exciting and detailed and tends to offer quite a huge variety of Chinese and Thai dishes. However, there is not much variety for kids to make choices from, not to forget the costs that rise when ordering for kids. You really need to be a Mathematician to make wise choices.
The menus are not offered as menu cards but are pasted on the table tops.
Some say that The Rice Bowl is a fantastic experience every time they visit, whilst other say it is a horrific experience.
I have heard quite good reviews about a few dishes served here, such as, Kung Pao Chicken with rice and noodles in a bowl, Garlic Chicken with rice and noodles, Sweet and Sour Crispy Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Cashew Nut Chicken and more.
The atmosphere of The Rice Bowl is very pleasing with great ambiance. There is also a patio in the Gulberg Branch. The restaurant spaces and eateries in malls are neat and tidy, which means, maximum cleanliness is ensured. Not to forget, the restaurant is very rushy especially during peak hours.
The food tends to be a slightly heavy on the pocket as the helping is little and each person needs to order for themselves.

Staff at The Rice Bowl is very courteous and welcoming, with an exception to few who play ‘pass the customer’ game with their fellow peers.

Economically priced Chinese and Thai food in a classy environment. This area is currently populated with cafes and restaurants and specifically and great place for outdoor seating that is in Autumn to Winter. Rice Bowl has inside and outside sitting areas. The food is simply great. Less number of thai dishes but still fine. Though chicken dishes are more in number but have some beef variety too. Sides and drinks will do the justice and icing on top is some desserts options.
Due to the high flow of diners at The Rice Bowl and restaurants around the vicinity, there might be parking issues.
Please share your reviews with us 😊
Javeria Fahad