The Maple Leaf Restaurant has recently opened inside Islamabad Regalia Hotel, which is located at one of Islamabad’s oldest developed sector G-6. The restaurant has stepped up drastically by its ambiance and environment. Not only the environment, but the food and taste if equally amazing. The plum coloured sofa style chairs were comfortable to rest the body on, so if you want a cost-effective bill to be paid and spend quality time with your family, it is a must visit restaurant.

The food is presented in a decent manner, that aggravates your urge of eating and gets mice racing inside your belly. The food is served as a buffet and Ala Carte both, hence, you have an open choice to choose between the two. The buffet is set up nicely and in a welcoming manner. Along with the food, the salad bar is an element of beauty.

At first starters and drinks are served to increase your appetite. The chicken wings were an honor to devour, as they were juicy and cooked to perfection, whilst the soup was not much of a treat for me because it was a clear soup. Let’s not forget the deviled eggs and canapes. I could just use one word for it right now and that is ‘heavenly’. I ate their Kung-pao chicken with Garlic Rice. The rice were delicious and the chicken was soft, juicy and tender. For desserts, I tried their chocolate mousse cup that was served over a bed of home-style brownie. Also, I did get my hands on the crème brulee and chocolate cake.

I have heard a lot about their breakfast service and would love to try that anytime soon.

After a tightly packed dinner comprising of starters, main course and dessert, I did not even have the courage to walk towards the car. My family and I had a great time together at The Maple Leaf and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

Moreover, I have been a part of many weddings at The Regalia Hotel and they have never disappointed me.

Javeria Fahad (21-10-19)