Introducing an emerging Instagram account under the name of ‘The Halal Vagabond’ that is being run by a Pakistani, Australia based mum and wife. The account was set up in February 2018 and has grown up to 231 followers up till today.

Living in Pakistan, we never think of how concerning Halal food becomes when you move overseas or pay a visit for vacations.  Vacationing is becoming a trend as people are getting fond of traveling, discovering new places and making memories.

Along with visiting new places, it is important to know that not every country you visit has all Halal options available like Pakistan. The Halal Vagabond is a platform for people living in Australia to feel aware of Halal food options available in the Australian market. Whether it is a grocery item, a fast food chain or a fine-dining restaurant, The Halal Vagabond is continuously making her limitless efforts to get hands on knowledge regarding various products that are available throughout Australia, along with eating out options.

Not only this, the page tends to add a bit of a feeling of home away from home by sharing what’s cooking in the kitchen using Halal products from the supermarkets, with a few being purchased from the ‘desi’ grocery stores.

A new initiative is being taken by the lady behind this Instagram account which is to share exclusive Halal product reviews and to create awareness of various ingredients and their role in creating a difference in their usage.

Please feel free to share the Instagram URL with your friends and family, who are either living in Australia or are visiting for vacation. Also, please be mindful that if a certain product is suitable in one country, it does not necessarily mean, it is safe to consume it in all. The ingredients and/or manufacturing process may vary from one place to another.

Happy Halal Eating!


Javeria Fahad (02-10-19)