The City School  (TCS) birthed in 1978, in Karachi, Pakistan. Today, it is one of the largest private school networks in Pakistan with over 153 branches in 49 cities.

There are over 150,000 students in more than 500 schools, some of which are owned, whilst the others are franchised. Even now, The City School aims to expand and grow into more branches.


I am to learn

The campuses are built to impart knowledge through curricular and extracurricular set of activities and methodologies.


TCS implements state of the art Classroom Learning Management System, that provides students with resources that aid in digital learning, under any circumstances.

Not all but a few classrooms are capable of accommodating learning aids and labs are setup with multimedia and visual learning aids.

Classrooms provide facilities for all fields of art, science, digital learning and music.

Music lessons are provided for children up to junior section.

There are separate classes for conducting art classes, where children instill their ideas and come up with great objects of display.


Laboratories are well equipped and designed to facilitate for all sorts of necessary examinations required for the students. The laboratories also comply with UK standards where practical demonstrations are also carried out for Cambridge International Examinations and their preparation.

There are chemistry, physics, biology and computer laboratories in every campus ( where they are essential).

Computer labs aid in interactive technology for all stages. Knowledge of computers is provided to students at grass root level. All softwares are updated as per the IGCSE requirements.


Libraries at TCS are managed by qualified and experienced librarians. The libraries are regularly updated and stocked according to the schools with enough resources for teachers to take help from and gain all the necessary knowledge.

The libraries are capable of helping students conduct their own research too.

Art and Music
Art is offered at primary and junior level as a compulsory subject. Various projects are prepared with children that help polish their skills and at the same time impart education and knowledge. For instance, students are asked to create projects like farms, solar systems, objects using papers, objects that are multidimensional and more. These help children discover more, in addition to their academics.

Music is offered in the early levels as a compulsory subject. It helps to release stress and fatigue from the academic pressure and gives a moment to enjoy and relax.


The curriculum used in The City School (TCS) is adapted from UK. The curriculum guides students from Nursery to High School level (Cambridge International Examination) leading to IGCSE, O and A Levels.

Since the curriculum is same for all schools and franchises, it gives satisfaction to parents, students and teachers as well as helps run the system in an efficient manner.

The curriculum is designed in a student centred manner, so students can develop great understanding and develop and nurture their skills to become optimistic contributors to the community.

TCS takes pride in digital media and ICTs which provide effective learning.

In addition to this, teachers and individuals are employed to upgrade the curriculum and revise it.

One important subject that is given due importance in the classrooms is Value Education. Value Education tends to impart great moral values amongst children from young age and helps them become better human beings and survive in the community as they grow.

The curriculum is also designed in a way to incorporate individual learning as well as peer and team work. This enables students to work individually as well as with a number of people in the future and enabling them to be prepared for the real world.

Extra Curricular Activities 

To impart additional learning, extra curricular activities are arranged and organised for students to motivate them through differ types of learning methodologies.

Extracurricular activities tend to promote analytical and academic learning both. These, as a result, polish the existing skills and bring out the best in the children, from within.

Sports is a major chunk of extra curricular activities that are carried out in TCS. All types of sports are encouraged like Volleyball, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Wall Climbing and more. Qualified teachers are hired for carrying out these activities and students participate and compete amongst various classes, sections and branches.

Students are also encouraged for overseas trainings and activities and all efforts are made to make these events possible.

Events like MUNs are also carried out within the school as well as students are sent to other institutions and platforms to represent their school and upskill themselves.

TCS has its own MUN under the name TCS MUN and it is conducted annually.

Certificate of appreciation are also distributed along with many other to boost students’ morale and keep them motivated.

Confidence and Responsible Students 

Imparting skills through curricular and extracurricular skills help students to upgrade and polish their existing skills, take responsibility and assume leadership or work effectively under a leader.

Morning Assembly 

Morning assemblies are conducted on a routine basis to impart punctuality amongst students. They are informed to teach the school on time.

Every student is given an opportunity to groom themselves by taking part in recitation of the Holy Quran, perform on the stage, act out in any firm, present a project, sing or read anything they want to. National anthem choirs are also prepared by the Music Teachers.

All these efforts instill the attributes of confidence, punctuality, creativity and innovation amongst participating children.


The uniform has been the same since the past decades with a new initiative taken for A levels students to give them a distinct entity and identification.

Uniform for A Levels

Future Prospects and Alumnis
Students from TCS have managed to secure admissions and positions in highly recognised universities from all around the world. According to the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations Annual Result Analysis, students of TCS fall in the category of high achievers with high merits, grades and even distinctions.
The City School has a great position in the list of private schools in Pakistan. It tends to facilitate and accommodate students with varying needs. If you are looking for a suitable option for your children of any age, pay a visit to your nearest branch.
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Javeria Fahad