The Burger Company was established to bring to you, the best burgers in Islamabad. The Burger Company was founded in 2016 by Saad Iqbal, as a home based delivery service. It was located in sector G 10.

The aim behind this business was to get recognised as the best burger place in Islamabad, with adequate knowledge of good quality and tasting burgers around the world.

Saad spent a great deal of time in experimenting with different varieties of burgers with varying ingredients to come up with what is now known as The Burger Company.

After a tremendous success as a home based business, The Burger Company established a Dine-in and Takeaway setup in F 11 Markaz.

Burgers and Everything Else

The Burger Company is all about deliciously juicy burgers. The presentation is highly appealing. The first look makes you want to give it a chance and gulp it down your throat.

The helping is reasonable and gives a feeling of fullness to your tummy.

With different variants of burgers, the burgers are served hot, up to the mark and each item has a different flavour that it claims.

The Burger Company serves high quality food and the quality justifies the price. The pricing is reasonable in terms of the quality delivered.

Their Crispy Fried Chicken Burger costs PKR 350. This is very reasonable and pocket friendly.

The sides also, are served fresh and crisp. The fries are never soggy even when they are sent through home delivery service. Overall, the food does not feel off when delivered and feels fresh.

The Burger Company offers home delivery service too. This means, food can be delivered to your door step for your convenience, so you do not really have to get all dolled up to satisfy your burger cravings.

Please take a look at their exotic menu:

DIY Burger Kit by The Burger Company

With the increasing competition and emergence of new food businesses, you need to remain consistent and act proactively to make sure, you do not lose your client-age.

Keeping this in mind along with various other reasons like, convenience, hygiene, saving time, ensuring freshness and many more, The Burger Company has come up with an innovation. They are now offering Do It Yourself Burger Kits.

The DIY Burger Kit comprises of all the ingredients that you will need to prepare your burgers at the convenience of your home. They will provide you with literally every ingredient you need to prepare that particular burger. The basic ingredients would include, the meat patty(ies), salad including lettuce, tomatoes, onion, sauces like mayo, tomato sauce, burger buns, cheese slices ,seasoning for your meat patty and more.

The ingredients are packed in such a way that quality and freshness is ensured. The cling films and containers used keep the ingredients fresh for a longer period of time.

This means, you do not have to rush for the cheese slices you are short on, or may be the mayonnaise that was finished before you could assemble your burgers.

The DIY Burger Kit will provide you everything at your convenience. All you need to do is, turn on the stove and play with the ingredients on a few basic utensils that every household is fully equipped with.

Contact Details

To place an order or ask questions, you can reach them at 051 2112600.

Delivery Service

The Burger Company provides home delivery service. Especially during this global pandemic, they are making sure to take orders over the phone for home deliveries along with providing take away service.

Their operating hours at this time are 12:00 pm to 08:00 pm, Monday to Sunday.

Do order your food through The Burger Company and share your feedback with us!

Please stay at home and stay safe!

Javeria Fahad