Today I am going to share a review about the stationery as well as my opinion on the items and I think this review can be helpful if you are considering getting any cute little items or anything so, let us get started with the stationery.

The Blingspot studio is a brand that sells stationary like cards, invitations, paper, pouches etc online.


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Cactus Card Holder:

Rs. 275

Quality of this card holder seems very good considering how cheap it was I will be using this card holder since it is so small and anyone can easily carry this around.









Pocket Notebook Journal: 

 Rs. 475

I have been loving these pocket notebooks since I first tried them out so I decided to get another pack. The pages are aligned and the paper is just a smoothest. I have ever tried out most pens and markers don’t bleed through at all, so it is perfect for highlighting. The spacing between the lines is also quite narrow which is very useful if you have small handwriting. The overall quality makes these small of my all-time favorite notebooks.







Sticky Notes 

Rs. 145

I found these cute sheep shaped sticky notes very cute, the paper quality is very smooth, it lays flat which I really like, it’s too small to use as a bullet notes making your stuff colorful and cute. Sticking lasts and I think I’ll use it perhaps om an art journal or on something, either way, I would definitely recommend these tiny sheep sticky notes.





Rabbit Gel Pen:

Rs. 150

These gel pens come in different colors with their super cute bunnies covers and styles. Problem with a lot of stylish pens is that the ink tends to skip but that is not the case with these pens. The ink is very smooth. So, they are easy to write with and the gRrip makes them comfortable to hold as well.

If you like some pens that work well and look extremely unique that I would definitely recommend these gel pens.







Rs. 245

These wide nib highlighters come in different colors with a set of 10 markers. I have seen them on Instagram and I have been waiting to try them out so I was so happy when I found them at Blingspot studio.

The highlighters work really well, the colors are bright without being neon and they do not bleed through the paper. I would say these are a very good alternative to stabilo boss highlighters if you are looking for highlighters that don’t bleed through the paper and still have a bright color.







Products at The blingspot studio are simple, inexpensive but still add some color to everything. I would say that these are definitely worth all the attention. So, that is it or stationery and review.

Location: Nationwide (With Tracking Service)

Delivery Charges: Rs. 150.

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