Tehzeeb Bakers has been serving the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi since the past many decades. The food and bakery items served at Tehzeeb are delicious in taste, light on the pockets and good on hygiene.

Tehzeeb Bakers was formerly known as Rahat, until around early 2010s when Rahat Bakers and Tehzeeb Bakers parted ways. Ever since then, it has been serving it’s customers with new and improved taste and more variety than before.

Tehzeeb Bakers is known for many reasons such as, great taste, high quality ingredients, hygienic conditions, consistency of product(s), location of bakeries and extensive variety of items.

Taste: For years, Tehzeeb is well known for its taste. Not a few but all their food items are great in taste. The ingredients used to curate these food items are picked and chosen with care. They are high quality and used adequately.

Every time you pay a visit to Tehzeeb, you would always get the same taste. There would not be a single difference from the past experiences.

The spices and basic ingredients used in food items are always measured with care to prevent any accidents from happening.

Freshness: Food items at Tehzeeb are made fresh and ensured they are not expired or off flavour. The freshness and newness of the items is ensured by following their no reuse policy. All items are prepared daily, making sure everything is fresh and good to eat.

The textures are accurate and right on point. There would not be a single moment when you would get stale or off products from their shelves or aisles.

Hygienic Conditions: Good hygiene is ensured and practiced at Tehzeeb. The workers make sure they follow cleaning and safe cooking protocols even inside the kitchen. The cook tops, equipment, ovens, shelves and everything else used in creating your favourite recipes are cleaned and looked after.

Not only this, the staff also makes sure they wear their hair nets, gloves and that the display is well maintained and free from flies, mosquitoes etc.

Food presentation: The shelves are nicely set and food dispensers attract customers. The food is garnished well too. The food is presented in such a way that it tends to attract the human eye and make you want to buy as much as you could.

Variety: Variety at Tehzeeb is beyond imagination. We love all they sell. Each and everything served at Tehzeeb possesses a unique taste, texture and appearance.

Tehzeeb has always been famous for its excellent quality live pizza that has been served at least once on every household’s dining table. The dough is soft, topped with delicious variety of ingredients like, mushrooms, chicken, beef, pepperoni, olives, salami, mortadella, onions, corns and more. Each flavour has different taste and look. Should you need a desi Pakistani style chicken tikka pizza or a four seasoned or beef pepperoni pizza, Tehzeeb has it all for you.

Lest to forget, their salad bar which has always been on top of everyone’s list on every visit to Tehzeeb. The salad bar has always been an experience of great taste, high quality ingredients and a variety of salads to plate up your box of salad. There are options like creamy chicken, pasta salad, bean salad, veggie salad, apple chicken salad, pineapple chicken salad and more.

The variety of samosas, chicken pies, shashlik sticks, sandwiches, burgers, fish fingers, pakoras and more is also a delight to devour. The flavours are authentic with a handsome portion size. Their grilled burger tends to be one of their most famous burgers and the sauce is just too good.

Their famous D shaped chicken samosa are also very famous. The samosas are filled with spiced mince chicken that are fried to perfection and they never go soggy.

Another item on the favourite list is their chicken bread which is full of shredded chicken and too soft. It can become a great teatime snack.

Desserts at Tehzeeb are served in boxes or single servings. The pastries are also single service in rectangular or triangular shape. There are a lot of options to choose from. The Swiss rolls and bite size pastries are soft in texture and serves fresh.

The boxed desserts are rich in cream, chocolate syrup, dessicated coconut and crunchy nuts.

Donuts by Tehzeeb are soft and baked to perfection. The freshness can be easily felt as soon as you take your first bite. Some donuts are center filled like chocolate filled donut or their famous vanilla custard donut.

The cakes , whether made to order or picked up from their display, taste excellent. The textures are perfect with the right amount of sweetness. Their red velvet cake and cheesecakes hold a special place in my heart. They are just too good.

Cakes can also be custom made with options of fondant and butter cream. Also, any flavour can be made. Cakes can be three tiered or an action figure shaped. They can also be photo printed or basically any cake you ask for.

Tehzeeb also sells celebration cakes like Pakistan Day Cakes, Christmas or Eid Cakes, Resolution Day Cakes and more.

Tehzeeb has started their cookies boxes which can be used as great teatime snacks or a gift to take along to your friends or families.

Steam roast by Tehzeeb is delicious. It can act as a great dinner item to compliment your lentils and pulses or be used to create cold sandwiches. Steam roast comes in two levels of spices; spicy and medium spicy. Also, it is accompanied by a soft medium sized naan and some mint chutney.

Did you know Tehzeeb also has an ice-cream parlour outside each bakery?  The ice cream parlour is called Safilo. Safilo sells ice creams, milkshakes, coffees, soups and more. Also, you can buy big containers of ice creams.

Locations: Tehzeeb Bakers is widely located across Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You can always hop on to your nearest Tehzeeb outlet to grab your favourites for a wonderful food experience.

Do pay a visit to your nearest Tehzeeb if you haven’t and share your reviews!

Javeria Fahad