Tayto is among the first few casual cafe dining chains that offers dining with a casual touch. Tayto offers a complete menu with five course meal options to design your menu for the day.

The menu has been designed in such a way that all the recipes are well thought over and tend to meet tastes of all people.

Tayto promises to give an experience that is all about good food and dining. The restaurant offers cafe dining along with takeaway options.


Food at Tayto is delicious and satisfies your taste buds. The food is rich and well cooked according to Pakistani taste and standards.


The recipes are structured in an orderly manner with attention to details that are incorporated into the dish and prepared with effort.


The menu is designed according to the Pakistani palate with attention to detail, keeping in mind authenticity of the product.

The menu is huge with various options ranging from appetizers to main course to desserts, shakes, frapes and much more.

New addition to their menu is their peri peri chicken which is served with garlic rice, sauteed vegetables and a side of your choice. Not only this, you also get to choose the level of spices you need for yourself.

Also, their chicken parmesan is one of their most famous dishes.


What ever you order, food is always served in a beautiful manner which increases your appetite. The presentation of your platter is a sight for the stomach through your vision.


The cafe plus dining ambiance of every franchise is a good sight, the minute you enter.


Tayto offers a rich menu with five course meals. The restaurant offers flexible franchise plans with different cafe options, menu structure, training of staff and continuous brand development.
Applications can be put up online to become part of Tayto and own your franchise.
Home Delivery and Food Panda
Tayto offers home delivery service and is also offering delivery through food panda

For an exquisite cafe style dining experience, do visit Tayto Cafe.

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