Do you want to get all your weekly grocery checklist ticked off whilst you sit on the couch?

Do you want all the grocery items to be put on your kitchen counter while you just stand and stare?

Do you want to get grocery delivered at your door step without bargaining with the hawker and shop keepers?

You have as a solution. is a website that offers the facility of providing fruits, vegetables, rice, flour, spices and meat that are locally grown or imported from overseas. The products are directly picked from farms, supporting local farmers. personally owns two farms but is also associated with a group of farmers.

It is an online platform that is a one stop online shop for all you need. took birth in August 2017 and is currently serving only in Faislabad.

With competitive prices and quality, the variety ranges from locally grown bananas to A-Grade export quality bananas, from Anwar atool mangoes to Chaunsa, melons to watermelons, Apple Gourd to Bitter Gourd, Bair to Aloo Bukhara, green capsicum to imported red and yellow capsicum, imported kiwis and much more. also includes a wide variety of halal slaughtered poultry with different cuts. Do not worry if you need leg pieces for crumb fried drum sticks, boneless breasts for stuffed chicken, whole chicken for chicken roast or curry cut for delicious chicken karahi.

Not only fresh produce, they also have a big range of rice, lentils, beans, various types of flours and spices.

The bags that are used to bring the items are taken back by the drivers to reduce plastic consumption and use of carry bags. The items are packed in iced packaging for improving product shelf life and maintaining quality.

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For informational nutritional contents and fun facts please take a look at their Instagram page.