Lately, Asim Azhar has been in the limelight on social media, especially on Twitter due to his profession and personal life. However, Soneya by Asim Azhar has marked another milestone for him being the talk of the town.

It is not surprising anymore what Asim has been doing in the music industry, ever since he had placed his foot in the music industry. Despite of what has been flaunting across Twitter, Asim’s craze for music never gets subsided. Roshanay Afridi can be seen alongside Asim in the astonishingly marvellous musical video. Roshanay Afridi is a model who is an Amsterdam based talent, nominated for Lux Style Awards for emerging talent.

Soneya, released on 24 July 2020, has won hearts and ofcourse heaps of views. With over 1 Million views with in 48 hours of release really marks a huge milestone for a young singer.

Not only this, Soneya, the latest heartbreak song, has been trending #4 on YouTube Music Charts.

The musical video starts with a disclaimer message about the psychedelic video that was made under some challenging situations. Fida Moin has directed the video quite acceptably.


Soneya is written by Kunaal Vermaa. Composed by Asim himself, Soneya is not an ordinary heartbreak song. It is a song with pop culture influence and tunes that sound like a harmonium. Some say it feels more like a conversation rather than typical questioning in an average heartbreak song. The blurry lyrics give the song, a mystical image.

We have never been disappointed by Asim’s melodious voice and energy that he puts into every music piece he creates. This one too has not disappointed us at any stage. The music is beyond crazy and the R n B beat is just too good.

If you have been hooked with this song and have been listening to it on repeat, just like me, do share your reviews down below, and let us know your take on it. 😊

Javeria Fahad