This post is basically for my ladies, and this is to encourage you to bring out your mature grown side so if you are like someone who really loves to wear nice pajamas and comfy tops when you come back home from work or school you’d set the mood and put on your beautiful stuff – home is where you feel free you look free.

Snooze In is one of the most famous sleepwear clothing brands and almost beat others with their reasonable price and amazing stuff. So, I wanted to share this review today, with no further ado lets just go ahead and get into it.

Summer Pjays  – Rs 2000. 


So, the first outfit is this really cute two-piece and they are of Rs. These trousers fit so good like they were not ill-fitting at all they were just really comfortable, and this is something for sure I am going to see myself wearing over and over again. It’s kind of like one of those outfits where you are not doing the most but you still are chic style and comfy. It’s got the summer linen and it also has that really cute details with amazing designs and color schemes – very breathable for summer use.


It’s really comfortable so you’re going to sleep comfortably in these without feeling weird. You ever put on some sleep some sleepwear’s on and they look cute but once you get to sleep you wake up in the middle of the night it’ll twist up this is not going to do here – so definitely check this outfit.

There are probably like my most favorite type of pajamas to wear to bed and they look very flattering. Not only they look good but very inexpensive touch and then these are also very great gift ideas of your fellas!

Sleep Mask – Rs. 500. 

Size: XSS, M, L, XL.

Delivery: Nationwide.

Delivery Charges: Applies.

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