Liquid foundations have never been my favorite thing to use, I prefer cream foundations hands down because I think cream foundations blend better into the skin and I just prefer working with them. But, it doesn’t mean that liquid foundations aren’t good, its just my preference has always been for creams.

So, let’s just make a start, the first one talked about is the Silk Foundation even better foundation, it is a very very good light foundation. It comes in light to medium coverage on the skin and it looks really nice. The shade range is also very good as with all shade ranges, its impossible to say whether I may think summer to yellow or what you think.

These are just perfect, so I tend to stay away from the away from the shade ranges reason to that is each is on one, but the Silk foundation is the even better foundation.

This is the best foundation for somebody with oily skin or normal skin or combination, the finish – this is a matte finish. This silk foundation doesn’t give you that yellowish look that most foundations do, and I find most frustrating when brands say this foundation looks like skin but i get really fed up with those kinds of looks.

I have used in terms of liquids a tiny bit goes a very long way and the best thing about this is you can share it with some moisturizer so you put like a drop on the back of your hand and then four times the amount of moisturizer and you would then get a tinted moisturizer or a light coverage foundation look, absolutely amazing because it will last you a very long time

You really should consider taking a look at those looking for long-lasting products

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