SHAFFER is your one-stop shop for all your male needs. If you’re a groom, a best man or a guest at a wedding, you can get all you need from Shaffer.

Shaffer is a brand that has all what a man needs. Style compliments quality here.

Category of clothing:

The store is huge and has a large variety to cater to your need. With a lot of variety and options to choose from, you have all the options to pick and choose your customised outfit with all the basic accessories that you need.

From stitched to unstitched loose fabric, there is all you desire. The hues are vibrant and sober both. If you’re looking for a striking mehndi coloured attire or a sober barat or walima outfit, this is your pit stop shop to make your purchases. The unstitched fabrics are of different material like cotton, blended material and a type that is specifically made for kurtas. Their unstitched¬† stylesi include; Testy Cotton, Summer Salam Cotton, Wisper Cotton, Atlantic Cotton, Solar, Remax, Parker and many more.

To sum up, Shaffer looks after men’s casual wear, shalwar kameez, formal suits, shirts, pants other accessories.

Free Samples:

Saffer offers a free sample service. If you have not tried a specific material or fabric, you can get a fabric sample to feel the sample if you have not touched it already.

This gives you an opportunity to examine the fabric before purchasing it, rather than not liking the actual attire and having to wear it forcefully because you have invested in it.

However, there are a few terms and conditions to be eligible for a fabric sample, for which you can check on the link below:

Customised clothing:

Shaffer has a designer in store who can prepare your dress according to your needs. This means, you can get your outfit customised according to your choice of shape, size, cut, style and color. Doesn’t that sound like a winner?

You can also choose the style of your cuffs, collars and everything that is a part of your garment.

Shaffer has been the choice of many of our celebrities. If it is your choice too, go grab yours today.


Javeria Fahad (09-12-19)