Everyone in Pakistan, mostly marries once in a lifetime. Sometimes arrangements for marriage could become a hassle, overwhelming or troublesome. This could be due to a number of reasons. Often the budget does not allow too much fancy arrangements, sometimes it gets hard to elaborate with one has in their mind, sometimes it is more about the type of guests who would be coming over, than it is about the couple and their families, sometimes it might be just putting off your burden onto someone else’s shoulder just because you do not have the time, energy or patience to do all by yourself.
With Shadi Box, all the above mentioned reasons do not sound indigestible. Who would want to stress for these auspicious events when there is someone else to stress about? Hand it over to Shadi Box and feel light and happy because Shadi Box’s aim is to make your event a memory of a lifetime.
Shadi Box specialises in wedding planning, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, parties, get togethers, social gatherings, corporate events and more.
The first step is to understand the scope of work, which is only about client’s needs and requirements. This needs to be clarified and clearly understood to deliver the best possible to the client, not forgetting the allocated budget. Events are arranged and conducted according to the client’s needs and desires whether it is set up, booking, decor or catering.
Shadi Box does magic to your events by not overlooking the latest trends in order to make your events a living memory.
Each event organised and managed by Shadi Box is unique and a new experience. Changes are made with each passing day for improvement and betterment of service. Also, the services are provided according to your needs. As much or as little is what you decide for Shadi Box.

Shadi Box is your marketplace to find and book yourself, wedding services online. This is as simple as eating peanuts. Simply swing in to their website www.shadibox.com and play with the options you come across.

Whether you are looking for a Venue, Photographer, Catering or anything else, Shadi Box is there to help with a best price guarantee.

Locations like farmhouses, marquees and more are available along with photographers like one of your favourites. Also, any decor is possible with one of the vendors you choose for yourself.

Services by Shadi Box are available across many cities in Pakistan, such as, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala and more.

Have a tight budget but cannot keep it simple because you only marry once? No Dramas! Let Shadi Box show their swag and you can have a great event with limited budget.

Are you a Dhulhe wala and of that opinion that Baraats are certainly not complete without band baja? Do not stress. Simply make these arrangements by asking Shadi Box to book a band for you.

Looking for someone to assist you with your queries? Simply dial (+92) 42 35777457 or Whatsapp at (+92) 300 3160242 to be responded back.

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Javeria Fahad