Introducing SCB Mobile App – a secure mobile payment system that uses a latest in smartphone technology. No need for casual card when paying for your shopping at any participating supermarkets or online stores, they can exchange your phone into wallet.

How to make payment using QR code?


STEP 1 : Login with your username and password.

STEP 2 : Tap on Scan & Pay and Scan the relevant QR Code.

STEP 3 : Input amount and description of payment and confirm transfer.

STEP 4 : You would receive a notification of your successful transaction!

With SCB QR code its so quick and easy and also secure. Now, you don’t have to wait to get the cash or getting customers taking deposit each day, either setting up your business to accept QR code payments.

You are able to process payments faster and more efficiently meaning that you have more time to enjoy life.

Instead of visiting ATM’s or carrying cash every time, simply download the App, set up a PIN and you are ready to go – Scan to pay! You don’t have to share your bank details with merchants your money is simply transferred from your account to merchants account automatically.

In addition to everyday purchases you are able to pay bills or send or receive money directly into your bank account. In our everyday busy life, its important that you can get things done quickly even  when you are on the go!

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