Sapphire, which is famous in the textile industry and a combination of pure fabric with aesthetics in design and creativity conducted an online sale a few days back, which lasted for a day only. It has now become a high street brand in Pakistan.


They cater people with needs of apparels for daily use, party wear, formal wear, pret and ready to wear, silks, scarves and unstitched fabrics.

It has always been well known for what it sells; the exquisitely extravagant designs and high quality fabric.

A few days back, they celebrated Good Friday Online Sale which started around 8 pm as a showcase and people could place orders right after 9 pm PST. There was an extensive range of clothes displayed for sale ranging from 15% up to 50%. Such an offer was as alluring and exciting as one can think of. People waited for 9 pm and rushed to pick and choose according to their taste.

Orders were opened and their website began to hang-up. In the blink of an eye, the minute you would refresh the http link on the browser, clothes began to show up as sold out. With every click on the refresh button a range would show up as sold out. Customers kept convincing themselves that there are a lot of other customers who are placing orders, hence, clothes are selling out way too fast. However, there were still a few to choose from. Orders were placed with too much success or heavy hearts.

As soon as the orders were dispatched and customers received them, they began to complain about the fact that a few parts of the clothes were missing. The unstitched clothes had trouser or sleeve fabric missing. The pret had some embellishments missing or damaged, thus leading to customer disappointment. The customer service has offered some compensations in the form of price reductions or refund vouchers but customers are unhappy with the careless packaging and deliveries.

This is not how sales are conducted. If a high-end brand makes people experience such events, it truly is a matter of utter disappointment.

Javeria Fahad (19-11-19)