Sabaat, meaning constancy is Hum TVs new production. It is scheduled to be aired every Sunday at 8 pm (PST).

  • Writer: Kashif Anwar
  • Director: Shehzad Kashmiri
  • Producer: Momina Duraid Productions
  • Original Soundtrack (OST) singer: The OST has been sung beautifully  by Ali Sethi.
  • OST lyricist: Kashif Anwar
  • OST composer: Naveed Nashad


The cast chosen for this drama is a composition of great and experiences actors who really know how to play their part. This includes:

  • Sarah Khan
  • Mawra Hocane
  • Usman Mukhtar
  • Ameer Gilani
  • Seemi Raheel
  • Syed Muhammad Ahmed
  • Jehanzaib Khan
  • Abbas Ashraf Awan
  • Javeria Kamran
  • Laila Zuberi
  • Moazzam Ali Khan

Sabaat, at first seemed quite promising through its teasers. There are two main characters, Miraal and Anaya, played by Sarah Khan and Mawra Hocane respectively.

Miraal and Anaya are two distinctive people. They possess different qualities and personalities. Miraal being a bossy, mundane, authoritatively  spoiled and arrogant daughter of a rich business man, whereas Anaya belongs to a down to earth family and owns a responsible, gentle and sober personality with great morals and values.

Miraal has a brother who has always been living a life full of dictation by his elder sister. He is playing Hassan in the drama. Hassan and Anaya are classmates having clashes with each other.

At an occasion, Hassan and Ayana indulge into an argument where Anaya shows him his real-self and he realises he was mistaken to consider himself prestigious and honourable. This argument brings a drastic change in Hassan and he becomes considerate and responsible. He tries to figure out ways to excel on his own, rather than mainly relying on his father’s earnings and established business.

This bothers Miraal and she inquires about Hassan’s whereabouts and contacts Anaya. Miraal meets Anaya and slaps her on the face.

Miraal has always been a bossy girl, boasting of her authority over others and her possessions. She has also never valued the relationships around her, especially with her maternal grandmother. Her maternal grandmother has warned her at various occasions about her behaviour, but has been ridiculed everytime.

In the episodes aired so far, we have seen Miraal misbehaving with her maternal grandmother repeatedly.

Later due to  Hassan’s reaction on slapping Anaya in the University premises, Miraal and her grandmother indulge into an argument where Miraal misbehaves with her grandmother. Her grandmother takes this argument so seriously that she gets a heart stroke and eventually passes away.

Th death of Miraal’s grandmother proves to be shocking for Miraal and there’s when the story will take a turn. We are anticipating, this will bring a change in Miraal.

Keep watching the drama to unveil the twist, or if you have not watched it yet, now is the time. Only 4 episodes have been aired up till now and living in quarantine means, ample of time to catch up on everything that was missed out before.

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Javeria Fahad