Ruswai is aired on ARY Digital every Tuesday at 8 pm. The drama was supposed to be titled Zard Bahar.
Producer : Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib ( Six Sigma Plus )
Director: Rubina Ashraf
Writer: Naila Ansari
Cast: Sana Javed, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Seemi Raheel, Mohammed Ahmed, Irsa Ghazal and more.
The drama stars Sana Javed, who is the maim character and rape survivor. The story has two aspects of the contemporary society; rape and watta satta, with special attention to how an accident can suddenly reshape circumstances and relationships attached to you. Not only the relationships, but how people behave with you and what they think about you. No matter how respectable you were before, now you are disguised.
The fact that watta satta can affect both knots if one gets affected, can be clearly seen. Watta satta has been part of the Pakistani culture since the past many decades and it does not surprise us anymore.
The first and the most horrendous part of the story was pictured so accurately, showing a girl who was dragged into a cad by a gang of boys, raped brutally and thrown away in the dump. Following this, the fear of losing all respect if you step inside a police station was also depicted. However, when the girl returned home in a terrible condition, after being raped, she was in mental and physical agony. Later, she passed through multiple challenges through her own family and beloved husband. The bitterness in this relationship resulted in affecting the raped girl’s brother and his wife’s relationship too.
The drama is still in progress with merely a few episodes that have aired by now. If you want to know more about what will happen next, watch Ruswai every Tuesday at 8pm PST on ARY Digital.
Javeria Fahad (19-12-19)