I have a pretty cool review plan for you guys, this is something that I myself just learned about and I wanted to share some of this information with you in case some of you might have been an inexperienced as I was until recently I was suggested by a friend to visit Rici Melion, where they have accessories and specifically accessorizing a suit.

So, today I will be sharing with you some items from their site so that I could accurately show you what I use to spruce up my own suit and some of the items that Rici Melion offer getting the accessories right on your suit that can really elevate your look when you are going to party or formal event, it can really take a plain suit or a suit that would otherwise just blend in and really make it stand out.

The suit that I am working with today is my newest suit, I really like the nice bold plus decent Silver blue color, but I was definitely open to making it stand out even more, now Rici Melion offers a ton of options for accessories.


 They obviously have a ton of different ties but they also have things like scarves, tie bars, pocket squares pretty much everything you could need to step up your game.




We are going to be talking about how to spruce up your suit and then also how to add something to an overcoat as well and then we will tie it all together at the end to get a full look.

Let’s start with a tie, I chose just a stipped violet tie because with my white shirt it worked perfectly colorwise and I think it looks great of with a tie, a tie bar is a really easy add-on it keeps the tie in place and it just looks sharp.

Next, I added a pocket square as shown in the picture and I decided to use my brown leather branded watch from Vince Arrow. I think the watch works really well with the look.

I definitely recommend it the only tip I’d offer as an addition for a garment like this mainly because its so cool on its own is to add these accessories right way and it really ties everything together, these small upgrades can have a big impact on your overall look.

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