Raahi is a journey by Umair Jaswal. It is a journey that he is travelling in search of his soul, dreams and aims. Travelling across Pakistan is everyone’s desire, but not everyone is as motivated, passionate, devoted, melodious and audacious as Umair Jaswal, one of the Jaswal brothers.

Pakistan is famous for its green V shaped valleys, peaked mountains, terrains , flowing water and serene landscapes. Therefore, it deserves the necessary documentation. That is the a of Easy Paisa Raahi.

Easy Paisa has joined hands with Umair Jaswal and it has taken people by the storm. This series is a traveller’s story of experiences, achievements, failures, discoveries and what not. Easy Paisa Raahi is surely going to be widely seen by Pakistanis sharing the same passion and also killing time in quarantine.

Umair Jaswal would be travelling on his BMW motorbike and discover places, people, cultures, history, music and skill present across all the areas of Pakistan. This would be shown through visuals of every place that Umair would visit, every person Umair would come across and much more. Alongside, Umair would be releasing four new songs of his own throughout this travel journey.

The cinematography and direction is beyond excellent. The camera work, voice over and all efforts put into this show are impressive and worth an applaud.

The show is produced and written by the man ‘Umair Jaswal’ himself.

This journey started sometime back in end of 2019 and the show has started airing on 1 August 2020. This would not be aired on any TV channel but Easy Paisa’s YouTube channel at 5 pm, every Saturday . There would be a total of 8 episodes of moments of adventure to satiate your adrenaline rush.

Umair’s wardrobe is by Revamp.

Should this excite you, 2 episodes have already been aired so it is still not too late to catch up. On the contrary if you are already hooked, you guys are amazing. ♥️

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Javeria Fahad