Amid the COVID’19 outbreak, people are compelled to follow social distancing guidelines and stay indoors. This means, more and more use of social media platforms and gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more.

With the increase in strict guidelines and lockdowns imposed by the governments, people have started utilising their time showcasing their talent by taking part in virtual challenges that have become viral on the internet. Some are undertaking these challenges with their families, whilst others prefer doing it virtually with their friends, associates, peers, social media influencers and others.

There have been quite a few challenges that have gained massive popularity and have been viral on the social media. Everytime you log on to your social media, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok or any other, the first thing you come across is a challenge and a group of people portraying their creativity and ideas through it.

Don’t Rush Challenge

Don’t Rush song challenge came ahead and took the internet by storm in no time. It became famous as all you have to do is grab a makeup brush and get ready.

All this could be done within the premises of your house and no one is required to leave the house or go through any hassle. Also, the only prerequisite is to own an attire to wear and some makeup essentials.

This particular challenge is named after the Don’t Rush song by Young T and Bugsey featuring Headie One.

The sole reason behind this challenge is to virtually interact with people you know and flaunt your transformations.

How to do the Don’t Rush Challenge?

This challenge requires a small or large group of individuals to shoot their parts and compile them in the end. The attire depends on your choice. Some groups have even taken this challenge in jammies and later adorned themselves with heavy pieces of jewellery with heavy embellished clothes and makeup.

All you need to do is show a real side of yours, take a brush and cover the camera and within a jiffy, show your transformation.

After each individual has completed their shoot, one of them uses a video editing mobile application to compile all of them into one and each participant gets to share it on their social media platform.

Oh Na Na Na Challenge

The second most talked about challenge is the Oh Na Na Na challenge whish is a song by Slim Burna, a Nigerian recording artist.

The best thing about this challenge is that it involves physical activity. Not only this, it needs to be done in a jiffy, which means, you really need to be active and alert to get through this.
This challenge has been practised widely and people are saying, such a challenge is safe to take in the current pandemic situation. There is no contact of hands and/or face. All you need to do is, touch your feet (preferably shoes) and get through this.
The foot dance has also become a new way of greeting inside some healthcare centres and hospitals to prevent from hand contact.

 Bored In The House Challenge

Bored in the house challenge is shooting a Tiktok video portraying the level of boredom you are facing due to self isolation and the situation around you.

As the number of coronavirus cases are increasing, the level of frustration and anxiety is also increasing. This also brings a boost to the level of boredom you face.

In this challenge people act bored through their expressions and do activities and chores that have caused all that boredom with a blank, perturbed face.

Something New Challenge

Something New Challenge has just recently hit the internet and put it by storm within hours.

This challenge involves all or most of the people living in one house. It is an easy three to four step dance, which is easy to perform and brings joy in the house.

People have been very creative with inclusions of their own steps and ways. Some have even made mops and brooms a part of this, keeping in mind they are the most essentially used in the house, especially at this point in time.

If you know of any other Tiktok Challenges, please share with us.

Javeria Fahad