Qalamkar, as the name suggests is a clothing line brand by Al Noor Fabrics. The vibrant and bold colours do not fail to astonish us.The quality and colours are beyond phenomenal.


Their last collection was extremely popular amongst women and went big on ‘Sold Out’. This time they are back with their winter luxury shawl collection to prove it again that they stand out.


Their stockists are spread throughout Pakistan with a few retailers in New Dehli, India.

Please see the following to know about their stockists:



Qalamkar is retailing across Pakistan.

Did you see the Q Line by Qalamkar? The colours and prints are intrinsically beautiful.


Also, their Rehab Luxury Lawn Collection is beautiful. The shawls are an excellent evening wear or a formal wear. You can pair them up with almost anything, whether it is with a pair of plain Tee and Denim, or a plain or printed shalwar kameez.

The colours are sober yet dainty and dignified. The colours complement any attire you choose to pair the warm and cosy shawls with.

Moreover, Qalamkar has a few clearance items posted on their website. The fabric is mainly summer material, that can be kept for next summers at more affordable rates.

Do you want that uber chic look with comfort? Choose Qalamkar. It is affordable and easy to carry.




Javeria Fahad (07-11-19)