Pine Park Hotel Located in Shogran, Pakistan. You can have an astonishing view of Kaghan Valley. You can easily take round trips to Sri & Payya lakes from this hotel.

Pine Park is located at the center of availability, so there is an easy walk to everything – restaurants, mountains, and even ski slopes. The lobby is set up like a hotel. There’s a check-in area and then a lounge area right down on the first floor. There are a couple of restaurants on the premises as well.

In fact, my room was very much like a country chic style and I did have a chance to pop my head in some of the other units that my friends were staying in and the designs vary widely from very modern to much more rusting look.

I did notice that the hotel did provide some roll out sofas for some and television with some fireplace. You could also see the mountain in the background and you can feel that how close you are. It’s very easy to go ahead and just walk and do your scheme.

Obviously, the view at night is pretty dramatic and very serenely. The village has a lot of lights and certainly as a winter feels to it. But during the day you can see things a lot clearer. It’s a great opportunity to get a good view of the mountain and the people and the area itself.

Outside there is a pool, there is a couple of gas fire pit, you can certainly sit out and enjoy a nice evening and stay warm. You can grab a couch and enjoy the cold breeze of the mountain.


  1. Free WiFi
  2. Friendly Staff
  3. Small Comfortable Rooms.
  4. Good Location
  5. On-demand Heaters Available
  6. Air Conditioners
  7. Laundry Services
  8. Child-Friendly

Rating: 4 Star Hotel

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  • SingleDoubleSwiss
  • cottage valley
  • VillaPine
  •  VillaPlateau
  • VillaVIP Rooms
  • Extra Bed

Cancellation: Rooms must be canceled 48 hours before arrival.


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All kind of Pakistani and continental dishes are served.




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