Panjeeri Online is an online platform that facilitates to provide homemade panjeeri.


The ingredients used to make panjeeri are desi ghee, semolina, sugar, almonds, pistachio, walnuts, cashews, raisins, makhanay, cardamom, coconut, char magaz and char goond.

Panjeeri is a winter snack that originated in Punjab. Not only this, it is considered a ‘must eat’ after a woman has delivered her baby.

Health Benefits 

Health Benefits of panjeeri are many but not limited to:

  • It acts as a nutritional aid to boost immunity and jerk away signs of cold
  • It is a power food especially for new mums to aid in healing and stimulation of milk.
  • It provides strength and energy
  • It helps relieve back pain.

It can be a beautiful present for your loved ones or a side table snack for yourself. Eat it yourself or give it to your children.

Types of Panjeeri 

Panjeeri online provides two types of panjeeri.

1. Regular panjeeri

2. Sugar free panjeeri

Size of Panjeeri Boxes and Prices

Panjeeri online sells panjeeri in 3 types of sizes.

  1. 250 gram box is available for PKR 800.
  2. 500 gram box is available for PKR 1500.
  3. 1 kilogram box is available for PKR 2800.


Panjeeri Online helps to prepare and deliver this powerfood hasslefree to your doorstep.

Panjeeri online delivers throughout Pakistan.

Delivery Charges: Get your box of panjeeri delivered to your doorstep only for PKR 200.

Note : Please mention if you require sugar free panjeeri when you place your order. Also, if you are allergic to any ingredient(s), do mention so your order can be customised.

Javeria Fahad (22-01-20)