The government of Pakistan is rolling out a new integrated system to handle complaints submitted by the residents and has launched a mobile phone app to work with citizens on improving civil services. Not only the residents of Pakistan( citizens & foreigners) but overseas Pakistani can also use the app on their phone to post their civic complaints directly to the Pakistan authority.

A smartphone app which allows residents to quickly designate a problem and send the relevant information to the appropriate authority. The Govt has promised the system would improve the response time but there are lingering doubts over whether the program will prove to be a good investment. The government has convened a press conference to promote its new citizen’s helpline system.

Citizens of Pakistan are now switching to the power to go digital and downloading this Pakistan Citizen Portal app which provides services against which people can submit requests and complaints from repairs to maintenance.

It promises to integrate the mailbox for emails and letters and certain counter services into one unified system for dealing with Pakistani residents complaints to the point. They are setting up a new platform and putting information from various channels through it to form a unified database, the complaints will forward directly to the relevant agencies so the whole process will be speeded up and the response time will also be improved.


All that, residents have to:

  1. Select the designated department.
  2. Capture a photo of the issue you’re highlighting.
  3. You can also send Audio Voice Notes.
  4. Now, press submit.

You are instantly given a service request number using which you can keep a track on your complaint or request with each department, with a fixed timeline.

It’s for submitting complaints, so you can report anything you might not be satisfied dealing with it. Government authority is claiming that the app is helping them, residents are complaining and reporting to the water logging and broken roads with littering.

Clearly, the authority has invested in developing an amazing app. This app is the face of authority that interacts with locals

I encourage all the citizens of Pakistan to submit complaints, the app is going to support the authorities, its a long-term plan to kick-start garbage collection, recycling, corruption and composting across the country. Such initiatives are perhaps the first glimpse of what developing countries could offer to citizens.

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