OPTP as the name suggests is always about fast food burgers, fried chicken, hot-dogs, wraps, French Fries and much more.

It as a kiosk serving French Fries in 1998. Originally born in the heart of the city of lights, Karachi, OPTP gradually gained fame and expanded it to a fast food. With over 50 stores all over Pakistan introducing new flavours and options to the menu makes it worth a try for everyone.

Their Belgium style fries have always been very famous along with their Southern Style Burgers.

Fun Fact: Did you know French Fries were first created in Belgium? OPTP has made a lot of effort in finding the best recipe and the right kind of potato to mimic the Belgian style fries and create what we now eat. moreover, Belgian Fries are cooked twice, which is why they are crisp in texture on the outside and soft from inside.

The Mexican Chicken Quesadillas have recently been launched. Quesadillas have always been my favorite when you want to try out a different cuisine or a different flavour. OPTP has introduced Mexican taco style tortilla bread with chicken served with complementary salsa sauce.

By introducing Quesadillas into their menu at such affordable and cheap price, OPTP has managed to gain much attention and new customers. They cost 299+ tax. Isn’t that a bargain? Totally!

When you take a bite, the tortilla bread will be soft and just the right texture to eat with the chicken chunks inside having a mild flavour “just the Mexican way”. Oh, and let’s not forget the complementary salsa sauce which will add on to more flavour and a variety of textures from soft to chewy to saucy.

DID YOU KNOW? OPTP no has a mobile app available on playstore. You can place your orders through it and make ordering easy.

They can also be reached out at [email protected]

Happy Eating! Comiendo Feliz !

Javeria Fahad 17-09-19