Time to upgrade your phone? Sell your old one on OLX. It’s easy!

Take a phone, post it with a good price and sell!


From gadgets, furniture, fashion and more. Turn your free loved items into cash. Download Olx app for free now!

Olx is not only a technology to solve problems at scale but for a mobile generation, there is a better way to sell. It’s very simple, all you need to do is sign up by Facebook or User email, all that’s required, and once upon sign up you ticked by less than five seconds to sell something. e.g. like a recent book, take a phone like Instagramming, where you just leave a price of details and location is automatically posted on Olx.

Olx is a leading personal classified site, where people can buy and sell things in Pakistan. Usually, the option to share your Facebook friends and your twitter followers.

Olx has the vision to visit the next generation of a peer-to-peer website where we can buy and sell, which helps in saving money and time and in fulfilling the dreams and visions. So, this is a very excited way because you can be the facto marketplace on a mobile phone for the younger generation, rather so familiar with Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Snapchat.

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