Oh Fudge is a Islamabad based bakery, owned by Noor Zaidi, a self taught baker wth a dash of love in all she bakes.

Her desserts, cakes and assortments are to die for. With just the right amount of flavour, colour and creativity, she is great at what she does.

Oh Fudge’s signature cakes are their rosette cake with chocolate ganache and vanilla and lemon cake. These two are what works for any event of yours. Order these when you are in a whim or a state of confusion, and you will go Voila.

Their most ordered cake flavours are Hershey fudge, Cadbury chunk, Snickers and Salted Caramel. For people who don’t like chocolate, lemon and vanilla, carrot, and coffee toffee cream cheese are popular.

In cheesecakes, lotus and lemon are the favourites, and their latest addition to the menu, New York cheesecake has began to get traction and great reviews.

They have a huge range of cheesecake cups and other assorted flavours served in cups. The cups are easy to eat as well as look beautiful on that tea trolley when served to your guests.


Oh Fudge does not offer home delivery. However, should you desire a home delivery, additional cost is involved and the delivery service is outsourced.

The owner takes no responsibility on any damages to the product soon it leaves their premises.

Variety and Menu

The menu is huge and extensive. The options are unlimited. Please have a look at their menu and drool over it.

The prices are justified by the taste and quality. Believe you me, it is just one order that compels you to order again and again.

Not only the taste being amazing, but the presentation and looks are worth every spend. The cakes, whether customised or regular order based, taste and look just divine. The desserts, cookies, cupcakes, anything you order are baked to perfection and handcrafted.

They also specialise in making half n half cakes, which means, you pay for one cake (slightly more than the regular cake price) and instead of getting one flavour, you get two.

Recently, Oh Fudge has been named amongst the best cake makers of Islamabad.

Javeria Fahad