No Fuss Foodie is a home based food service run by a young entrepreneur, named Sarah. No Fuss Foodie provides customers with food of various genres. These include, Desi, Continental, Asian and Italian. In short, the menu comprises of all what you want.

No Fuss Foodie is an amalgamation of great taste and price. Food ordered through No Fuss Foodie would always comprise of aroma, taste, good serving size and reasonable price.

There are many dishes that are famous at No Fuss Foodie, Biryani being the most popular amongst regular customers. Chicken Supreme is also one of the most ordered dishes and the mushroom sauce served on top of the crumb fried chicken is to die for. Not only this, the crumb fried chicken is also fried to perfection with the right amount of flavour and crisp.

Zafrani Kheer is also very popular amongst those who are die heart fans of Desi desserts. The amount of khoya and saffron added to the Kheer is what adds the most flavour to it.

Some more highly recommended dishes are Chicken Lasagna, Fettuccine Alfredo, Hot Buffalo Wings, Cheese Chicken Cutlets and more.

Along with their baked and cooked dishes, No Fuss Foodie also offers frozen items for purchase. Imagine someone else doing these tad bits for you and all you have to do is fry or bake and enjoy them. These frozen items can be used as tea time, items as sides for lunch and dinners and served to guests who would love to enjoy the flavours of home made food.

For me, home made food is always a win win, when I have an option to order and get food delivered to my doorstep. When you can get someone to look after hygiene just the way you do, why opting for restaurants and fast foods where often hygiene is compromised.

No Fuss Foodie delivers food to your doorstep without any hassle. Also, there is heaps to choose from. Order your food now and do not forget to pitch in your reviews down below.

Javeria Fahad