Nishat Linen by Nishat Mills Limited is a well equipped and modern textile company in Pakistan which has gained much name and reputation in the Pakistani Textile Industry. Nishat Linen applies effective management policies and procedures and has grown up to what it is now.

Nishat Mills Limited is well equipped with facilities that aid in spinning, weaving, processing and power generation.

Nishat Linen has colours of east that add on to your look and enhance it, whether it is a casual everyday look, work day look or other. You not only wear Nishat Linen, your attire is accompanied by style and elegance.

Each piece is created with full attention to culture and tradition. The colours and cuts are unique and stay out. The seams do not tear apart, nor do the colours fade off with every wash. This does not only apply on the clothing but also the accessories, bedding, upholstery and more.

The brand tends to cater for people with varying needs and age groups. You may not need a new dress but a pair of slides to compliment your dress, perhaps you are looking for the right colour of handbag that would add value to the style you intend to carry or if you were looking for the right bedding to color co-ordinate with your bedroom theme, Nishat Linen must be your pit stop for shopping.


Nishat Linen offers stitched and unstitched clothing. This allows you to take your decision on how you would like to carry out that particular dress. If you were to design your own outfit or to trust Nishat Linen on their stitched styles and cuts, this is Torah your decision.


The fabric is pure and requires not much care. It would not demand a lot of attention and put you in trouble, unless not taken care of. The fabric is soft, comfortable and easy to wash and iron.


The colours stay put and do not tend to wash out with every wash and upon use. They may vary from bold to subtle, to pastels to cool hues. Each design and print has a well thought of theme and color combination.


The quality on the other hand is pretty decent for the price you pay. What ever you buy would ensure they last you long enough, worth the price.

Each article tends to add beauty and style to your looks and acts as value added to your personality.


Nishat Linen is proud to offer huge variety to its customers for women, kids, men with a wide range of clothing, upholstery, bedding and accessories.


Nishat Linen offers free shipping nationwide on all orders exceeding PKR 1500. Also, they are ensuring safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Javeria Fahad