Nestle Pakistan has been serving the community since the past many decades. The company aims to produce products that are healthy and nutritious.

All processes and techniques are closely monitored and quality is assured. It is made sure that all quality standards are met along with great flavours, consistency, variety and packaging.

Nestle Pakistan currently owns two ranges of juices and fruit drinks. These are:

  1. Nestle Fruita Vitals
  2. Nestle Nesfruta

Nestle Fruita Vitals

Fruta Vitals

Nestle Fruita Vitals is a selection of the finest fruits from various parts of the world. The colourful, smooth and flavourful smoothies, cocktails and drinks are all products of Nestle Fruita Vitals that ensure great taste. Also, these juices have a long shelf life that tend to make them last long even when stocked inside the house.

Nestle Fruita Vitals’s slogan is Nestle Sip Positive that tends to spread positivity and inspiration. This tends to make this favourite of many youngsters, be it men or women all over Pakistan.

Nestle Fruita Vitals come in 12 flavours including: kinnow, mango chaunsa, pomegranate, Apple, pineapple , red grapes nectar, peach nectar, guava and many more.

Not to forget the pear shaped bottles storing Fruita Vital juices are recyclable too. Hence, they do not promote excessive plastic usage and consumption.

Chaunsa flavour however, has managed to gain much fame with authentic taste of chanusa mango.

Nestle Nesfruta



Nestle Nesfruta is a drink that helps you through a rough day. The motto saying Kuch Naya Karo meaning do something new in English, is a symbol of motivation and encouragement, in order to bring newness in everything you do.

This drink specifically targets the millennials. Also, it is affordable for the students.

NESTLÉ NESFRUTA comes in two most loved flavours – Mango and Apple and tastes absolutely fantastic.

It comes in two flavours: Apple and Mango respectively. Every sip gives a refreshing experience and feeling.

Considering the affordability of Nesfruta, it is a better drink to quench your thirst and also a replacement of the soft drinks which are full of carbon dioxide.

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Javeria Fahad