Naqab Zan is a drama that is currently on air on Hum TV. A drama that has proven to be the top-rated drama and is winning praise. The cast is exciting and well-known. The stars that are casted in this drama are Saboor Aly, Ali Abbas, Waseem Abbas, Hajra Yamin and more. This well-versed script is written by Rizwan Ahmed, directed by Adeel Siddiqui and produced by none other than Momina Duraid Productions.

Pakistan is a country where it is not uncommon to have people like Ali Asghar Abbas in this drama who is playing Saboor Aly AKA Dua’s brother-in-law, Aamir and is her rapist. It is interesting about how Ali is pulling off this negative role so tremendously, highlighting such an important aspect that prevails in the society.

This drama tends to target the society that is nurturing rapists, pedophiles and molesters. The story is about a rape survivor (Dua), who has managed to stand-up against the people and has acted strong enough to live life again, after the horrendous event took place with her. The rapist who raped her was no one else but her own brother like brother in law. An interesting aspect can be seen at this point when fingers are not pointed at him, considering him to be one of the most loving ‘like a family’ person.

As the story continues, it is now becoming legitimately interesting and happens to grasp one’s attention. The perfectly written plot on how the wrong doer rapist keeps on believing in the fact, that he is strong and unbeatable is what makes it interesting and worth a watch. Pin pointing at the most disturbing trait of our society that is, blaming the poor, which in this case happens to be the servant’s son, Raheel. At the same time, it is thought provoking and gives the ideology that living in a society where relationships and blood ties are believed to be one of the strongest, it is one’s utmost duty not to blindly trust such relationships, rather keeping the eyes open and believe in the facts.

The drama can be seen every Monday and Tuesday at 09:10 pm PST.

If you haven’t watched it and have heard quite a lot about it, do give it a go. It will not disappoint you.

Javeria Fahad (15-10-19)