As much as the name “nand” haunts the listeners, the character of nand played by Faiza Khan, is very haunting itself. Faiza Khan has been a spectacular actress throughout her career, however, the name “nand” and the role she is playing has given me major shivers and simultaneously developed a dislike for this drama that has been started to air on 4 August 2020, on ARY Digital.

Faiza, playing nand of Minal Khan who tends to be a newly wedded bride of Shahroze Sabzwari is a very finicky, fussy and arrogant woman with a bossy attitude. She loves to boss around everyone and has a terrible attitude towards everyone in her family, especially her husband and mother in law.

Faiza’s husband and mother in law are two very nice people, however, Faiza’s approach and behaviour revolves around boasting of the money and endless resources that she has gotten from her family. Not only resources, she has always been taking decisions and matters into her account for everyone around her.

On the contrary, Minal Khan and Shahroze Sabzwari, who had become two showbiz love birds for people and have been loved by the audience after “Hassad”, which was yet another successful drama by ARY Digital.

The story of nand revolves around the never ending vicious cycle of a problematic “susral” for most of the girls in our Pakistani families. The transition of a girl from a daughter to daughter in law is instead of being a pleasant experience, made a trial and test to pass through and settle after hardships. It is basically accepting everything wrong that happens around them and calling it home forever.

The story comprises of two couples who would get affected by the self created problems and conflicts by one woman “nand”.

The drama tends to highlight this underlying problem in most Pakistani households. 3 episodes have been aired so far and we really do not know what is coming up next, however, the story does not seem very appealing to me due to the fact that it may be every second girl’s life story. However, it could serve as a good pass time activity for many and for some, it could be a lesson to learn from.

The drama is aired Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 07:00 PST.

If you are watching Nand, please share your reviews with us and if you have not started it yet, should this sound interesting and a must watch, please start watching and share your valuable reviews with us 😊

Javeria Fahad