Today, we are going to review this brand called “Namely” and what they do is they do personalized necklaces and bracelets that have whatever you want to be written on the jewelry that you pick, so, I am going to show you guys few products of Namely and tell you few things about the product.


  1. Name Pendants
  2. T-shirts
  3. Caps
  4. Wallets
  5. Hoodies
  6. Engraved Craft (wooden plus Metal)

Location: Pakistan

Delivery: Cash On Delivery

First of all, they come in these cute little boxes, and when it comes out it has a little felt holder which I like the fact that it’s all very soft so when your jewelry is in it, it doesn’t get scratched up it’s just kind of cleans it too when its in there, dustproof and very elegant.

So, this is what it looks like all of the jewelry of Namely is Gold plated, you can either have rose gold or gold or silver as I am a gold type of girl So I just went with that.

I thought that its really cute and subtle, I feel like a little bit gaudy sometimes if you have your name written all the way across your chest or arm, it’s like everybody doesn’t need to know your name, you don’t need to have your name on your neck but you know just in case somebody finds my dead body and it can identify me lol. But I think its very subtle and super cute also.

So, that was some of the little necklace collection from Namely which I really like, this kind of dainty jewelry that you just wear one like a gold necklace or if you wanted a rose gold or just a plain sterling silver.

I like the fact that it’s good for people that have allergies, it doesn’t have all these funky different metals in it and it is not going to start smelling – you know how some necklaces if they are cheap they start to smell is nothing like that so, I really appreciate also.

I think that is really awesome what I really love about these necklaces is when you go on to their page and you go to personalize them there is like a few steps that you can personalize it every way that you want to.

The first thing is the name, you type in the name or you know whatever and move on to the next part to select the font whatever you want I think there are like four or five different fonts and then you can also change the chain you want as well like a normal chain, they have different types for people who like different things.

so I really like how you can personalize almost everything in this brand and I love the cute little boxes they give you so you can carry them around wherever you want as they won’t get damaged. 

So, if you guys are interested in this personalized stuff you can go to the link given and go check it out yourself and share your reviews with us.



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