My Salah Mat is a prayer mat, designed to impart the knowledge and importance of ‘salah’ in a fun and interactive manner. Being a Muslim, would you not want to teach your children the essence and beauty of one of the five pillars of Islam?

My Salah Mat is an interactive prayer mat which targets the children who are of the age of learning Salah and the actions that need to be performed whilst offering it. It makes learning easy. Young children always want new, innovative things and this is one innovation. Grasping the interest of children and at the same time, teaching them an important pillar of Islam is the main purpose. With the emerging increase in the use of smart phones, tablets and more, children are becoming more tech savvy, hence the mat acts as a trigger towards Islamic learning.

Salah/Prayer/Namaz/Salaat was made compulsory for Muslims in 2 A.H. Since then Muslims from all over the world are offering Salaat. No matter what the language of the people around the world is, the language of Salah is the same.

Functional Features:

  • The mat has 36 active touch sensory keys.
  • It teaches the method of Wudu (ablution), Adhan (call for prayer), Dua (supplication), and various Surahs (Chapters of Quran).
  • The box comes with a free activity book.
  • Is available in seven languages; English, Urdu, Arabic, Malay, Turkish, Indonesian and French.
  • It plays when you stand on the mat.
  • The pre-recorded keys can be touched to reveal the prayer times, instructions to perform ablution, recite surahs and duas.
  • It is designed to perform 2 rakats at a time.
  • It teaches about the five times salah must be offered and the actions that are to be performed.

Quality and characteristics:

  • The mat is foldable.
  • The volume is adjustable.
  • The dimensions are 103 x 72cm
  • The mat requires 3 x AA Batteries that are not included in the package.

How it works?

With the help of touch sensors, as soon as you put both your feet, the mat recognizes the pressure and starts the first step of Salah i.e Neyat (intention), followed by Surah Fateha, which is the first chapter of The Holy Quran. The same process is carried out throughout the salah till the completion of two rakats.

Please invest some time to watch the following link to learn more about how it works:

Let’s pray our children learn salah properly and follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Ameen.

Javeria Fahad (27-09-19)