Mini Treats bakery has become a name for its American style baked goods available in Pakistan. It was established in 2010, in Lahore, Pakistan, with a new branch opened recently in Islamabad.

There is a skilled and talented team of chefs and craft artists behind this bakery. The chefs and sugar-craft artists are creating cakes to make your big day a memory. Whether it is a three-tier wedding cake, a baby shower cake, a themed birthday cake or a pilgrimage celebratory cake, their compellingly overwhelming cakes and elegant designs with delish flavors are worth the money you spend.

Whether you are a Game of Throne fans, PUBG fans or a SEPHORA lover, Mini Treats can delve into your thoughts and create a distinctly delicious cake just for you.

Their unique designs and delicious flavors have helped them acquire a client list. According to them, quality and freshness must be a major component of their cakes. I agree! It is very much there. A constraint that I found challenging was an order limit of at least 4 cupcakes or a cake of 2 pounds.

These cakes will undoubtedly put you in a major food coma.

Cake flavours include: chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, coffee and dry fruit. Along with these come cake fillings, which are, chocolate mousse, ganache, french vanilla, cream cheese and much more. These fillings are also followed by delicious toppings; chunky or saucy. Doesn’t that sound mouthwatering? Indeed! Imagine Nutella, drizzly caramel, chopped fresh fruits, mixed berries, chocolates melting down your throat.

How to place an order?
Ordering a customized cake at Mini Treats is too easy. Just follow the below mentioned steps and get ready to set up a cake table minutes before your cake arrives.
1. Choose your cake design,
2. Get in touch with the customer service team to discuss the price and details of the cake,
3. Click on the button down below depending on the location to place an order.
4. Receive a confirmation Text or E-mail.


Have you ever heard of a bakery with a rewards program? Well now you need to pinch yourself.
Mini Teats rewards program facilitates customers in-store. With every purchase, 1 point is added on every PKR 100 spent.
After every 30 points, a discount is applied for the next purchase. Voila! As you gather all your points, a discount of up to 20% can be applied on your transaction.

Wondering how to get hands on the rewards card? Just ask a store representative to issue you a rewards card. With a minimum purchase of PKR 5,000, you automatically become eligible for a rewards card. It can also be used online by just mentioning the rewards card number at the time of checkout.

For further inquiry browse their Frequently asked questions or give them a call at 0304 111 6464

Make your days a memory with Mini Treats.

Javeria Fahad (08-10-19)