Mindanos is a restaurant that serves a fusion of food that has been evolved from the trends of today. It is a restaurant that tends to cater casual and formal gatherings both, with comfort and ease.

Mindanos’s name was exclusively decided to explain its uniqueness and the inspiration was taken from ‘Mindanao’, which is an island in Phillipines. The island is known for its cultural diversity.

Book a table

To book yourself a table, you can either call on 051-8316715 or 051-8316714 or book online via website using the following link:


Food at Mindanos

Food at Mindanos is delicious. Each ingredient incorporated to create every single dish on the menu is delish. The ingredients are used in just the right amount with the right amount of spices and herbs. The sauces are of the right consistency and served in the right amount.

The meat served is cooked to perfection along with the sides that are crunchy and well seasoned. Also, there is option among beef, chicken and fish in most of the dishes. For steaks, you can choose between chicken and beef.

The pastas are not over cooked like the usual and are chewy and juicy. The pizzas are served hot and grilled to make you crave for the right stretch of cheese in every bite.

The soups are well in consistency and flavours. The seasoning is fine and they taste good.

The appetizers are too good to start your dinner or lunch. Also, the appetizers can be used for kids to snack on and fill in their tummies.

The desserts are well served and the helping is good enough for a couple of people to share.

The helping and serving size of all the dishes are handsome and good enough to share. One cannot finish the entire platter in one go.


The menu at Mindanos is vast and creative. The menu offers appetizers, chicken dishes, pastas, pizzas, hot and cold beverages, soups, steaks and more.

The menu is designed in such a way that recipes are modified and made to fit Pakistani palate. Also, the recipes are creatively done, such as, molten chicken lasagne , cheesy pasta and more. Ingredients like four cheeses, Italian herbs and spices, oriental spices, mushrooms and other imported vegetables are also a part of the dishes.

The menu caters for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner items.

Rest Room

The rest room is a unisex, single rest room that also has a baby change table with pampers size 1 and size 2. This is one of the most considerate thing a restaurant could have done.

Environment and Staff

The environment at Mindanos is cosy and welcoming. The staff is friendly and considerate.

Also, there is an outdoor seating space at Mindanos.

Do pay a visit to Mindanos to satisfy your hunger pangs and do not forget to share your reviews down below!