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Metro Cash & Carry

Metro Cash & Carry is the largest wholesale store chain of Pakistan with a wide range of National and International brands.

The first wholesale centre opened in Pakistan was in 2007, which was later expanded to 5 wholesale centres within 18 months.
In the month of July, 2012 METRO and MAKRO-HABIB merged their business to mark a life long partnership. They combined their assets and gained financial strength for growth and size.
Due to this, today the two companies own 9 wholesale centres across Pakistan in cities, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Faislabad.
Not to forget, the company operates more than 750 stores in 25 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa.
Employees: 107,000 people
Sales 2016-2017: € 37 billion
Market Entry: 2007
METRO card is a facility that is available for all businesses and private families. The sole purpose is to ensure membership and association with the wholesale store. Each family or business must possess at least ONE METRO card to be eligible to shop.
The process of owning a METRO card is simple. Signup on their website or get it processed in-store.
Also, their is a single entry pass available at the main desk when you enter, which is used until your personal METRO card has been processed and handed over to you.
Apart from National and International Brands that METRO stocks and retails, there are various brands that are only available at METRO. The reason is that they are METRO’s own brands which are cheap in cost in contrast to other brands.
These brands are:
With the changing time and transition into a whole new world of online shopping, METRO PAKISTAN offers Home Delivery across Pakistan. Their METRO Online Mobile App is user friendly and elaborate.
There are also various ‘Web Only’ for online customers.
There is a wide range of grocery items available in Metro Cash and Carry. The packaging is huge and good to go for a long time. You really do not need to rush after grocery over and over again. It will definitely last you long!


There is a huge variety of garments available at Metro with many sizes available.


Various types, styles and sizes of shoes are available at Metro Cash and Carry.

Imported Cosmetics

Many imported and local brands of make-up, cosmetics and accessories are available including the famous Maybelline, L’Oreal and much more.

Imported Crockery

Imported brands of crockery is available at Metro to meet your kitchen and dining needs. Gear up to stock on some kitchen supplies when you pay a visit!

Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment is trending with the passage of time. People are inclined towards a good family time with good music, sound and acoustics. Metro has a huge variety for all your entertainment needs.


Planning for a dowry shopping? Pay a visit to Metro to get the best quality for your daughter’s wedding.


There is heaps of furniture with excellent wood quality available at Metro. Different styles, comfort levels and price range.


Trying to keep your kids busy? Stock up on stationary supplies for your kids and keep them busy for winter holidays.

Not only this, if you’re an art lover or need to stock on some office supplies, METRO is your destination.

Toys & Gifts

Toys are the most sensitive aspect of a child’s life. There is a humungous variety of good quality toys at METRO.

Fresh Meat

Fresh meat with different cuts and types is available at METRO Cash and Carry.

Live Bakery

Did you want a large variety of bread selection? Are you a sucker for sandwiches, burgers, cookies? METRO has it all. The huge range of breads and other bakery items are freshly baked and sold.

The bakery is live.

Fresh Produce

All sorts of local and imported fruits and vegetables are present at METRO. Kiwis, Avocados, Dragon Fruit and many more are readily available at METRO.

Frozen Items

Imported and Local Brands of Frozen Items are present at METRO. Frankfurts, Hotdogs, KnNs, Menu and much more are sold.


METRO has a big cafeteria to meet your hunger pangs.

Diary & Delicatessen

There is a large selection of Dairy Items and a variety of cheeses, marinated olives and much more is present. Everything sold is fresh.

Free Parking Area

Free WiFi Service

There is a free Wi-Fi service available too.

Javeria Fahad (02-01-20)

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