Have you people watched the new drama by HUM Television named ‘Mehboob Aap Ke Qadmon May’? The drama isn’t as romantic and lovy dovy as the name seems.

The drama is written by Imran Nazir who is the man behind many famous dramas, but he has managed to gain heaps of fame after Nazr e Bud, which was another HUM Television production. Imran has been known for his dramas such as, ‘Topi Drama’, ‘Aas’, ‘Khot’, ‘Rasm-e-Duniya’, ‘Pinjra’ and many more. Soon after Nazr e Bud, this is yet another drama that is highlighting the worst facet of Pakistani society, that is, black magic.

Imran Nazir was interviewed about his interest in this specific topic, to which he responded saying he has himself met some fraudulent people claiming to be saints with powers, but they’re only making fools out of people who are spending hefty amounts and running after such people.

imran believes such topics need massive attention as there is a large population who believe in such fraudulent pirs. He wants to raise questions which will incline people towards the reality of this subject and force them to ponder over such issues.

The drama is sent on air every Friday at 9:10 pm PST. The story is based on a girl who is in love with her cousin and the love is so intense that it compels her to do what is not right, just because she wants to marry him, by all possible means.

The drama keeps you hooked and involved. The script is interesting and the cast is talented.



Sukaynah Khan, Zubab Rana, Saad Qureshi, Agha Mustafa, Shaheen Khan, Shahzia Gohar, Farhat Nazar, Parizae Fatima, Agha Talal, Zubair Akram and Syed Qamar Raza Rizvi


Furqan Adam


Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions.


Fridays at 09:10 pm

Javeria Fahad (14-11-19)