Saving Account Review:

  1. Grow your savings.
  2. Get monthly return.
  3. Riba Free.

How to earn a profit as per Islamic rules and regulations: 

Meezan Rupee Saving Account can be opened by individuals and businesses including sole proprietorships, partnerships and limited companies.

Minimum investment required PKR 100. 

Key Features:

  1. No restrictions on withdrawals or transactions.
  2. Profit will be paid on monthly basis and calculated on daily basis.
  3. Halal Profit.
  4. Free Online Banking Services.
  5. Access to priority desk.
  6. Debit Card. (ATM).
  7. SMS Alerts.


  1. Up to 1 Million of Takaful Coverage (Alternate of Insurance).
  2. Free Takaful Coverage up to ATM Card Limit.
  3. Maintain Average of 10,000 Monthly Balance to claim Takaful.
  4. Claim up to 50,000 Insurance in case of lost ATM card. (Cond. Applied).

Kids Club Account Review:

Meezan Bank provides kids under 12 years to open Mudarbah Based Kids Club Account, to inculcate a saving habit in children. Parents can be a guardian or a person appointed by the court.

Minimum investment PKR 500

Key Features:

  1. Gifts on Account Opening.
  2. Halal Profit.
  3. Free Kids Club Certificate.
  4. Personalized Cheque Book.
  5. Colorful Debit Card.
  6. Online Banking.
  7. SMS Alert.


  1. Up to 1 Million Takaful Coverage. (Free).
  2. Free Takaful Coverage up to ATM Card Limit.
  3. Maintain an average balance of Rs.10,000 Monthly to claim Takaful.
  4.  Upgrade to Meezan Teens Club Account after Kids 12th Birthday.

Labbaik Saving Asaan Account Review:

Save today for Yourself, Parents, Children or Spouse to perform Hajj/Umrah Tomorrow.

Minimum Investment Required PKR 1,000.

Key Features:

  1. Availability Period: 6 Months to 20 Years.
  2. Able to deposit additional amounts to make the desired journey sooner.
  3. Halal Profit.
  4. Deposit Monthly contributions as per deposit schedual plan.
  5. One account, many people. ( Individual + Joint).
  6. 50% Redeem.
  7. No Cheque Book or Card.


  1. Mudarib (Agent): Bank will share 50% of Gross Income.
  2. Rab-ul-Maal (Investor): Depositor will share 50% of Gross Income.

How to Apply:

  1. Online Open Account.
  2. Visit Nearest Meezan Bank Branch.


Car Lease Program Review:

Overseas Pakistan’s are able to purchase Auto through Meezan Bank’s Car Lease Program.


  1. Availability: Salaried Plus Self-Employed.
  2. Agriculturists.
  3. Landlords.
  4. Foreign Remittance.

Key Features:

  1. Finance Availability: New, Used, Local and Imported Cars.
  2. Max of 6 Million for New cars and 4 Million For used Cars.
  3. Minimum down payment 20%.
  4. Replace new car with existing one.
  5. Repay Partial Loan.
  6. Option to finance a second car.

Eligibility Criteria for Salaried Person:

  1. Age: 21-65 Yrs.
  2. Min Monthly Income: PKR 30,000.
  3. Pakistani Citizen.
  4. 50% Debt Burden Ration.
  5. Clear ECIB.

Eligibility Criteria for Self-Employed:

  1. Age: 21-70 Yrs.
  2. Min Monthly Income PKR 30,000.
  3. Pakistani Citizen.
  4. 50% DBR.
  5. Clear ECIB.

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