A speciality store chain, selling a large variety of meats and meat cuts, Meat One is a subsidiary of Al Shaheer Foods that is quite famous amongst people of Pakistan and is one of the largest meat exporters in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The meats sold by Meat One are beef, mutton, seafood, and poultry. Also, meat products and ready to eat products are also available for purchase. Their marinated range can help people who wish to have a hassle free cooking experience.

Quality is the main objective at Meat One. The animals are slaughtered 100% Halal, in hygienic conditions. Due to this, Meat One is affiliated at corporate levels with reputed organisations like Agha Khan Hospital, Pompeii and more.

Moreover, Meat One offers it’s customers with a store to door delivery service, ensuring customers get the same quality as of the store at their convenience.To do so, dial 11-11-meat-1 or order via their website www.meatone.net

Animal Selection and Type

Animals are literally ‘hand picked’ to ensure quality and taste. They are chosen from the best source. These animals are picked by Meat One’s team from the plains of Punjab and Sindh to ensure wholesomeness and high quality. Seafood is sourced from fishermen to ensure the best too.

Animals like batair, fish, prawns, buffalo, goat and chicken are retailed at Meat One for your one stop meat shopping.

Excess fat and bones are not charged. Moreover, meat is charged after these are removed. About 12 to 15% fat is removed that results in value for money.

The meat complies with shariah quality standards and international quality standards. Everything is done under the supervision of in house muftis.

Supply chain, slaughter and handling 

The supply chain at Meat One guarantees health with quality. The meat is also tested in laboratories for quality as meat is also exported overseas. Each animal is examined physically before slaughter and later thoroughly cleaned to discard contaminants.

Meat One slaughter facility is certified Halal and HACCP too. Punjab region uses PAMCO facility for slaughtering animals. Meat is transported in trucks that are well equipped with chillers to maintain temperature (0-4 degrees) and quality. This also ensures prevention against bacteria.

Deals, services and promotions

  • Aqeeqa Offer : Aqeeqa facility will be launched soon at Meat One. Keep following their social media accounts for all the latest updates.
  • Delivery Deal : Delivery Deal would also be launched soon. Stay connected to know more about it.

  • Qurbani Facility : You can now fulfil your religious responsibilities through Meat One and make Qurbani easy and hassle free especially at this point in time of the COVID-19. This service would ensure high quality meat, cut and stored neatly and divided into segments according to the cut. All you need to do is pick your meat the next day of your booking and enjoy hassle free Qurbani.

Bookings are now open. Also, please refer to the prices down below. As currently, Meat One is only functional in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, these are the only places you could get done your Qurbani.

Have a safe Eid Ul Adha and may Allah accept our efforts. Ameen. Also, please leave your reviews below.
Javeria Fahad