With all the experiment I do, I tend to subject my hair and face to a lot of badgering, so every now and trhen your body needs a bit of detox. I mean we love our beauty products and all that makeup but sometimes, its good to go chemical free. I have to confess that my new found love for all these organic is from Lush Organix. If you like to mix shopping with a bit of beauty research then you have to get into the site. Try and test a few of these products and you will absolutely love what they do for your skin and hair.


  1. Skin Care
  2. Lip Care
  3. Body Care
  4. Hair Care

Acne Ultra Clear Treatment:

To start off with skincare, I will first talk about hormonal acne and oily skin. Now if you have that type of skin then the first brand or the only brand I would recommend is “Acne Ultra Clear Treatment“. Now, if your skin has gone into light hormonal acne teenager craziness you should definitely need to try this product and would absolutely recommend you check out this product. You will see real noticeable improvement results within two weeks.

These products are incredible at your hormonal acne and if you have got oily kind of combination skin.



Deep Cleanse Charcoal Mask

A special mention has to go out to a lovely called “Deep Cleanse Charcoal Mask“. This is basically their miracle mask and it’s phenomenal. It works so well on skin and helps to get rid of hormonal acne and acne scars as well as activate skin to keep it. o, definitely check this mask too.


Gold Mask

Now, if you are on my other end of the spectrum where you have got really dry skin and then here is a great way of your green beauty routine and also your skincare routine. This Gold Mask is by lush organics and they focus on a quite a lot of foils and moisturizers as well. This gold mask gives incredible results by pampering your skin with an opulent glow. They are based in Pakistan but they offer free delivery nationwide, so you can check it out!



So, if you have sensitive skin, sleep problems or anxiety then they are your brand. A special mention has to go out for this Cedarwood Oil. This not only comes under skincare but its an all-purpose oil, it helps to increase your quality of sleep, reduces the effects of anxiety.

This smells absolutely incredible, creates a beautiful aroma. Its so cute the package is gorgeous and it goes on like a dream so yes, that would be a part of my beauty skincare kit.


Choco Loco

Choco loco lip scrub is one of the products that I would definitely recommend for you newbie lip care routine. Now if you have dry lips, with dead skin or dark color this will help you to make your lips smooth and removes the dead skin by giving it a sparkling natural glow. You can use it at night, it smells incredibly good and it is amazing at sorting out your dry lips and gives it a moisturized effect.


Deep Shine & Repair Hair Serum

Haircare products by lush Organix are the one I completely and utterly love. This deep shine & Repair hair serum is organic. You can also use this serum as a treatment for the ends of your hair and leave it overnight, you can also use it for styling hair. The smell of them is phenomenal. Its super affordable can be used as a heat protector.

To give your hairs a bit of moisture especially after you have straightened then at which I should be following my own advice here anyway, its an amazing product and so their other hair care products.

For intense night therapy, I turn through Jojoba Oil which is perfect just to slather onto your face and massage it in, so that when you wake up in the morning you are nice and rejuvenated.

Lush Organix is the first brand I came across in the whole natural organic world. If you are fed up by literally trying so many chemicals products on your skin you should definitely give this brand a whirl and you will see results within a very short span of time.

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